Benefits of Foldable Bikes

Riding a bike has many benefits. You can get places more quickly than you can on foot. Bikes don’t give off harmful emissions or use up gas like cars do. And, biking is a great way to exercise while also having fun. But, bikes also have their cons. They’re bulky and hard to take to places that don’t have bike racks. A foldable street bike has all the benefits of a regular bike without all the cons.

Doesn’t Take up Too Much Space

The biggest factor that prevents some people from getting a bike is space. The people who most need a cheap form of transportation like a bike also tend to live in apartments, so they don’t have space for a bike. Even people who have enough space to keep a bike don’t want to fill up so much room with one. A foldable street bike fits in a much smaller amount of space than a regular bike. You can shove it into a small corner of your garage, keep it in your coat closet, or just let it sit by the front door. This frees up precious space in abodes of all sizes.

Can Go Almost Anywhere

A regular bike’s size also limits where you can take it. If the place you’re going doesn’t have a bike rack, you’re usually out of luck. And, you can’t use a regular bike for mixed-mode commutes because there’s not enough room for it without taking up other passengers’ space. A folding bike can be carried onto a subway train without taking up too much room. You can put it on the undercarriage of your cart at the grocery store. And, you can even store it in your cubicle at work. If you have a large enough tote bag, you can store the bike in it instead of just carrying it around.

Easy to Pack for Travel

Taking your bike with you on vacation sounds wonderful but sometimes it’s just not possible. If you don’t have a rack on top of your car or in the back, there probably won’t be room for it. A foldable bike can fit in your trunk or on your backseat, making it easy to take it with you.

Bikes have so many benefits. You should be able to take advantage of them wherever you go. And, you should be able to own one even if you don’t have much space at home. A foldable street bike gives you the ability to experience all the benefits of a bike without all the drawbacks.