Some Tips For Easily Getting Your Learners License

The first step towards a learner’s license is the completion of a written road rules test. You have the chance of completing the PrepL online at your own pace. You have to be above 16 years for obtaining a driving learner’s license. You have to pay fees for enrolling in the test and also getting the Road Users handbook and learner drive logbook.

Ltrent provides safer drivers course for becoming a safe driver and preventing accidents on roads. The course is fun and after completion of the course, you will have a better understanding of being a safe P plate driver. The duration of the course is 5 hours where Module 1 is theory-based and Module 2 takes place on the road.

Tips to get learner’s license on the first attempt

  • Practice road rules regularly

For the L license, you will be getting a road users’ handbook containing all the signs and symbols. It helps in knowing all the road rules and complete online practice tests for passing the tests consistently.

  • Try becoming an observant passenger

While riding in a car, try to observe the driver well and understand the working of the things. For knowing all the rules, try asking a lot of questions and carry the Handbook wherever you go so you can confirm about any road rules you are unsure about.

  • Stay calm and cool during the test

Staying calm is the rule when you are giving the test and take as much time as you want as there is no maximum limit. Read all questions properly and choose your answers diligently. If you are lucky, you might come across questions similar to the handbook.

  • Booking test at convenient timings

Choose a convenient time for the test so that you are not caught between anything at that point and you can stay relaxed and focused. Start early and reach the place beforehand for revising everything.

Rules for learner’s license

L-platers can only do the following:

  • Ride only a car and not a motorcycle
  • Have the L plates in the front and back of the car
  • Only maintains a maximum limit of 90km/hr
  • Learners cannot supervise other drivers
  • They can only carry passengers who can be properly seated at the time of driving
  • Drive hands free and using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited
  • Wear the seatbelt while driving a car
  • Not drive with passengers on the boot of the vehicle


You can enroll in for a learner’s license only when you are at least 15 years and 11 months old. This gives you time for preparing for the main license by the time you are 16 years. You will be given 30 multiple choice questions and to get the license, you need to answer 90% of the answers correct.


The driver’s learner’s license is valid for 5 years and you can renew it every time bypassing the test again. Learner’s license is very essential before going ahead with the main license.