Chandelier Ideas Meant for Your Dining Space

To have a chandelier light in your dining space, you can have many different designs and styles of chandelier lights. Right from modern and trendy chandeliers having geometrical shapes to more anamorphic designs, selecting your perfect chandelier can always be a daunting task, so in this article we shall provide few useful ideas.

Luckily we are living in an age where there are many different options available to select crystal chandelier dining room and if you visit the website of SOFARY then you can get many new ideas too.

Here we are providing you few ideas that may suit according to the style of your dining room.

    1. Chapeau glass chandelier

Even if your dining room happens to be of classical style and you want to offer a modern and contemporary appearance, then Chapeau glass chandelier is your right choice for your dining space. It can easily blend with the surrounding quite well.

    2. Coastal

Having blue, graphic wallpaper together with airiness established by your white furnishings, coastal dining room will make you feel as if you are sitting near the beach. You will just need to know how you can use this great chandelier.

    3. Color statement

Whether you prefer to go big or just go home, instead of going for classic crystal look, by using this chandelier you can go bold in bright aqua colored drawing to grab all the attention.

Various intricate design of your chandelier can still be maintained, but with the use of bold color you can always breath-in fresh air. Few pops of orange can offer this dining room little bit more drama.

    4. Contemporary

In your contemporary style dining area, this globe chandelier dressed along with crystal will surely be an attention grabber. Also with low-profile type table and chairs can leave entire focus on your stunning light fixture.

    5. Cottage

By introducing lantern-style light pendants within your cottage dining space, you can bring in pop of color. You can pair with mint green chairs along with watermelon-pink accents, and your dining room will be the perfect place for dining in the summer.

    6. Midcentury modern

You just cannot imagine a midcentury kind of modern dining room not having a sputnik-inspired lighting fixture to complete dining space. Well known interior decorators will prefer to use dining chairs along with new upholstery for adding a vintage charm.

    7. Rustic modern

Instead of having single chandelier, you can have two in your dining room. You can offer modern spin on wagon wheel chandelier. Just by placing 2 eye-catching light fixtures in your rustic dining table, your room will appear open and elongated.

    8. Rustic romantic

The antler chandelier can be paired with rich and brown colored leather dining chairs to establish a rustic vibe. However, the pastel pink fabric and gold wall may soften the space to create romantic feeling.

    9. Transitional

This kind of classic crystal chandelier having golden detailing can gel with your surrounding space well and can add a sophisticated elegance to your dining room. Chairs used are of traditional-style which will also offer twist with bright colored fabric.