Memphis – A Complete Travel Guide for Every Tourist for their First Visit

Memphis is known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Apart from that, it is also famous for Sun Studio, music, entertainment, and its culture. People all over the world come to Memphis to enjoy their vacation with music, alcohol, and adventure. No matter which season it is, or the month you arrive, Memphis has something on their list for you. Whether it is a natural beauty, greenery, and beautiful birds during summer and spring or it is cold windy days with born fire and barbecue during winters, Memphis is all about fun and frolic.

The first thing that bothers people is finding a hotel or holiday Inn to stay in during peak season. We Are Memphis is here to help in providing details about Memphis hotels and the perfect place to reside in. We Are Memphis is a collaboration of organizations and individuals that tells an exciting story about the city, its culture, various events, restaurants, famous people, brands, and non-profit organizations. They want to tell the whole world about the achievements of Memphis city in their ways.

Places to Visit

  • Visit the Beale Street and Lafayette’s Music Room to enjoy music that is played all day. You can see and enjoy live concerts on Beale Streets with a beer and some snacks.
  • Take a tour to Graceland which is the birthplace of Elvis Presley.
  • Learn the history of music that started from the Sun Studio which gave fame to many people.
  • Many museums tell the history of various celebs and the music industry. However, you shouldn’t miss the Civil Rights Museums where Martin Luther King was assassinated.

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  • The Mississippi River Museum has a replica of the river which will give you proper details of the way it flows.
  • The Memphis Zoo is one of the 3 zoos in the US that has Pandas. When you’re done watching pandas, don’t miss the Peabody Ducks March which takes place every day on the roof of Peabody Hotel from 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Walk along the most stylish street in America, the South Main Historic District in Downtown.
  • Visit the craft breweries and enjoy the making of exquisite beer. If you’re lucky you get to taste some for free.

Food and beverage

  • Memphis is famous for barbecue food, but vegans can also enjoy burgers, tacos, pizzas while walking down the Broad Street.
  • Memphis is all about varieties of beers. The city is full of bars and restaurants that offer different types of beer, but you can also enjoy a beer at breweries.

While visiting Memphis one should remember these few things –

  • The best time to visit Memphis in April and May when it is sunny and bright and various events take place at that time.
  • Public transportation is rare, and therefore you need to take a car on rent if you’re a group. Riding a bike is best because it allows for avoiding traffic and you can take any lane and pedestrian.

When you start exploring the city you unknowingly spend a lot. It is wise to keep a check on your wallet and not become a spendthrift. Prepare your trip wisely so that you spend less and enjoy more. Several attractions provide free admissions on certain days of the week. Nothing to feel embarrassed about it, to tell you the truth, you’ll be amazed to see a huge crowd on those days.

Memphis is all about music and fun. Enjoy every corner of the city when you are here.