7 Strong Reasons To Visit Malta For Your Next Vacations

Compared to popular travel destinations like France, Italy, and Spain, Malta is a destination that is not fully recognized to date. Even though it is on the list of many European travelers, people know very little about it.

If you are planning your vacation and considering Malta, here we give you 7 strong reasons for visiting this destination. Don’t worry, we are not going to talk about its tourist destinations, like any other guide would, but tell you what exactly to expect when you are in Malta.

Why visit Malta?

  1. The country is extremely welcoming

The Maltese are well-known for their friendliness and hospitality. The people in Malta are not just kind-hearted, but even generous. If you need a hand with anything, you will be surprised to see the kind of support you will get. People go out of their way to make a guest feel welcomed and comfortable.

  1. A variety of hotels and spas

Right from luxurious 5-star hotels to affordable 3 and 4-star hotels, Malta has it all. In simple words, finding accommodation in Malta is never a task. Furthermore, spa hotel Malta are pretty impressive. Then again, if your hotel doesn’t offer spa services, you can always check out the 1926 Day Spa. The number of treatment options they offer will surely make you feel overwhelmed.

  1. Amazing weather

Maltese Islands are popular for their 300 days of sunshine. The climate here is great throughout the year, and this means you don’t have to visit Malta during the peak vacation period. No matter when you plan a Malta vacation, it will be a great time to visit the country.

  1. Festivals, Events and More

There are countless events and festivals celebrated in Malta throughout the year. Basically, there is never a dull moment in Malta. Right from Malta Fireworks Festival to Malta International Art Festival, there is something or the other to attend. Also, the Village Festas starts in May and goes on throughout the Summer.

  1. Great food

Good food is extremely important for some travelers, and if you are one such person, be rest assured Malta will not disappoint you. The traditional Maltese food is inspired by many civilizations that lived here over the years. While your visit, it is recommended you do check out the well-known dishes like Fish Pie and Beef Olives.

  1. Most of the people speak English

Maltese is the country’s primary language, but English is the second official language, and this is great news for many English-speaking tourists. Communication is easier, and this means getting around and finding places and things is easier.

  1. Affordable

If you wish to enjoy yourself more by paying less, Malta is your destination. Not many know, but prices in Malta are usually 20% less than any other tourist destination in Europe. No matter what you need – hotel, food, or anything else, you are definitely going to find it affordable.

So, you see there are many reasons that make Malta an ideal vacation destination, and we have not even discussed the beautiful beaches and historical sites here. Well, now stop overthinking, and plan a vacation in Malta right away.